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Mediation is an option for people, companies or other organizations to discuss issues with the help of an independent Person known as a mediator (a neutral person). It gives both parties the chance to talk and discuss the issues and to settle your dispute by reaching a solution without going to court. Mediation is VOLUNTARY so you can leave at any time if you wish to. If mediation does not work the option to go to court is still available. Mediation is a simple process for resolving disputes... Located in London and South East England. The company was established by Mark Reuben in early 2009. Mediation 4 U helps you in settling your dispute out of court. If you are getting divorced, already involved in a court action or thinking about making a claim and worried about the spiralling costs and time...consider us. Mediation 4 U provides simple, low cost, hassle free mediation which allows you to avoid huge lawyer's fees and resolve your disputes quickly and amicably. We are expert in..
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