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Red Lane Primary School, Breightmet, Bolton BL2 5HP
We recognise that all our pupils have a different knowledge base, skill set and learning style as well as varying abilities and aspirations. As a result of this, we are committed to knowing all pupils as individuals paying regard to their abilities, talents and needs as well as motivates them in their learning. We understand that pupils learn in different ways and are committed to always exploring teaching and learning strategies and using these within lessons. This commitment alongside the curriculum structure and development at Red Lane aims to ensure all pupil needs are met... At Red Lane we recognise that the use of ICT plays an increasing role in today's learning society. We empower both staff and pupils with knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes for such a world and as such the teaching of computing and the use of ICT tools plays an essential part of learning and teaching within school. With this in mind, we are committed to promoting awareness of E-safety throughout..
Also known as: Red Lane Primary, Red Lane Primary School
Primary location: Bolton United Kingdom
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