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Humans consume a lot of energy. We need electricity for practically all sorts of activities. At the moment, the main source of energy comes from fossil fuel. However, this is a resource that is depleting quite rapidly. Without other sources of energy, we might have to stop using electricity. Fortunately, renewable sources of energy have come to light in the past century. Governments all over the world have come together to strengthen the use of the forces of nature to generate energy. One of the efforts resulted in the construction of wind farms... A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines located in the same place. These are usually constructed to help produce electricity. Since each wind turbine is huge, the whole farm usually occupies hundreds of square miles. Each of the wind turbines is spaced apart from each other to generate as much energy as possible. The land in between is typically used for agricultural purposes - or whatever the land is best used for... Among the..
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