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BLB903, Bulebel Industrial Estate Zejtun, ZTN 3000, Malta
AIS Technology is an engineering firm promoting and applying technology to various customer needs. We provide an all-encompassing engineering know-how that ensures customer oriented solutions. The core activity of the company is Systems Integration with a strong team of multi-disciplined personnel employed at various levels... Over the years, AIS Technology has grown into a leading player in the engineering industry as a result of its technical expertise and skill, gleaned from years of experience in the field. By investing resources into building a highly specialised and skilled workforce, AIS Technology ensures that all its clients are provided with an effective and well-engineered solution. AIS Technology is supported by a passionate team of engineers and technicians, fully trained in industrial electronic control systems... Today, AIS Technology is proud to meet the needs of organisations and firms from a full spectrum of fields, including hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare..
Also known as: AIS Group, AIS Technology, AIS Technology Limited, AIS Technology Ltd.
Primary location: Malta
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