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241 Mazeppa Rd Mooresville, NC 28115
PlantingTree is a family-owned nursery that sells privacy trees, shade trees, fruit trees, and flowering trees online; we ship directly to your home... Each plant is carefully packaged in a special box designed for plants. The plant is then secured and shipped right to your door. How easy is that? No long lines at the garden center, and no mess in your car. All you do is open your boxes, plant, and water! At The Planting Tree, we are a family owned company that takes pride in our plants and your order... Here at The Planting Tree, we know what it takes to grow a healthy plant. We hand select each order and only select the largest and best plants that will succeed in your landscape. Most other online plant nurseries only ship small quart plants. Some are only 4 inches high... Our plants are full grown ready to plant at the sizes we specify. This greatly shortens the time it takes for your plants to mature.
Also known as: The Planting Tree
Primary location: Mooresville United States
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bugrch May 19, 2021
I paid for shipping insurance, paid for a 1 year warranty and paid for 2 to 3 foot trees. I received dead and sick trees that are 18 inches tall. I email the company within hours of delivery and their response was "NO REFUNDS" . They have made no offers of any kind to make this right. The owner himself claims they sent me healthy trees, however I have documented everything really well and I have dozens of photos proving my claims are 100% true. Even with photos the owner has not made any effort to offer res