Michael Torkonu Chemicals is one of the leading distributor of industrial chemicals in the United Kingdom(UK). MICHAEL TORKONU CHEMICALS is engaged in the supply and distribution of Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Food Chemicals of a wide variety to large, medium and small scale industries like the Mining, Oil Refining, Food & Beverages, textiles & Printing, Breweries, Pharmaceuticals among others.
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laraba_globo October 06, 2021
• Is Michael Torkonu Chemicals associated with scam or fraud?  Yes, absolutely a scam! NOTE: Company is not registered in the UK.  This company and its operators falsely claim that they produce a chemical (Cadmium Nitric Glue 450).  They are scammers and fraudsters, and work with individuals to alter LinkedIn profiles by assuming other peoples' profiles.
laraba_globo September 23, 2021
This company is a scam and operated by fraudsters. No genuine business whatsoever. Watch out! Check whether or not it's even a licensed business entity in the UK.
Adil ABUGALIYEV April 15, 2020
Good of day time! Me need Beryllium Adhesive Compound (CDS) in quantity 200 liters.Are your company producte it? In awaitting feedback, Kind regards, Adil.