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CALIXAR's technology is capable of producing high quality, native, wild-type, unaltered, unmutated and untruncated targets for antibody development and drug discovery projects. We are unique in the market and are at the forefront of Membrane Protein..

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The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience conducts fundamental and strategic research in the field of neuroscience. The emphasis is on research into the brain and the visual system...

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The social brain lab is equipped to integrate research in humans and rodents. For this purpose it has the following equipment... The Social Brain Lab wants to understand why the brain can achieve remarkable feats of empathy. Why do we feel pain when..

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The ANU Research School of Biology carries out research, research training (MPhil and PhD), undergraduate and coursework Masters teaching in a wide range of biological and biomedical sciences... Research in the Division of Biomedical Science and..

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Research School of Biology is led by a Director who has ultimate responsibility for strategic direction, budget, and the operation of the School... The Borevitz Lab website ( ) is being rebuilt. Updates will be posted..

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