aiHitdata - a brief introduction

aiHitdata is a unique source of company information. It stores and continually updates huge amounts of company data. Much of this data is unique, it will not be found in any other database available on the Internet.

Below we briefly explain how and why, so you can understand its power and how it might help you.

What is aiHitdata?

aiHitdata is a massive, artificial intelligence/machine learning, automated system that has been trained to build and update company information from the web.

What makes the data different?

aiHitdata doesn’t just extract data, it monitors and understands the changes that occur on company websites and records these as time series transactions. This is incredibly powerful information. For example,

  • Most company information databases might tell you the name of a company’s CEO. aiHitdata will tell you when the CEO changed and show the resulting transaction, date and change details.
  • Most query engines and company databases simply tell you what a company currently says on its website. aiHitdata shows you how it has changed over time.
  • Most company databases quickly become out of date. aiHitdata is constantly being updated.

This enables you to understand what is happening to companies and to perform queries such as…

“show me all the engineering companies in California that have changed their CTO in the last 9 months.”

At last, you can find and list companies by what they are and what is happening to them. This is very powerful.

Click here to see an example

What else is different about aiHitdata?

It is up to date, and we mean really up to date. There are no humans involved in compiling its data. It is all fully automated. aiHitdata’s servers scour the Internet continually, 24/7, monitoring and updating company data.

How does it work?

This is complex, but to give an idea…

  • aiHitdata is continually building and refining its own URL map of the web
  • Its intelligent crawlers then extract the companies from this map, (aiHitdata finds approximately 30,000 new companies each week.)
  • It identifies, categorises and extracts all of the Key Fields (see below) it finds on each company site
  • It then, checks/quality assures and stores them.
  • Next, it re-crawls each company site periodically, noting changes.
  • When it spots a change, it records this as a time series transaction in its database.

The above has resulted in database that today,

  • has more than 18m companies and growing
  • has in excess of 500m company change events, (transactions)
  • is adding more than 20m new company change events per month.

How accurate is aiHitdata?

Part of aiHitdata’s AI/ML system is an automated QA management array. This is one of the most complex parts of the system. aiHitdata monitors both completeness and accuracy of its data. It is focussed on keeping transaction data quality at a very high level. This enables it to be used for predictive analytics.

aiHitdata collects and monitors more than 100 different fields of data. For key fields it is achieving and maintaining an accuracy rate in excess of 90%.

Who is using aiHitdata?

As at January 2015, over 30,000 unique users per day use aiHitdata. Our regular, daily users include most of the world’s major banks, insurance companies and data providers.

What are they using it for?

a wide range of purposes. Here are some…

  • CRM update
  • Lead generation, marketing lists
  • Credit risk and other forms of company, banking and insurance risk
  • Due diligence
  • Predictive analytics
  • Market analysis
  • HR/Recruiting
  • Competitive analysis
  • and many others.

What countries does it cover?

aiHitdata is global. Today it covers all companies that have an English website, irrespective of country.

Does it handle other languages?

Yes. As at January 2015 it has run in Spanish, German and French. However, our only published database at the moment is in English. We will release others.

What Key Fields does aiHitdata extract?

It extracts a large number of different fields and types of data, currently over 100. These include,

company name and aliases, company description, location, addresses, contact details, industry, registration numbers, team (key people), executives, clients, partners, investors and many others.

For a full list please contact us

Is aiHitdata free?

Yes. You can look at aiHitdata free of charge. You’ll need to register if you look at more than a few companies or want to download data, but registration is free. We are releasing a range of advanced, chargeable products as well. These include,

  • aihit London Stock Exchange
  • aihit New York Stock Exchange
  • aihit NASDAQ Stock Exchange Product
  • aihit Show Me

Plus, we will release more during 2015

Is there a mobile app?

We will be releasing a mobile app. In the meantime we have made the aiHitdata site and query engine “mobile friendly.” So do try it on your phone or tablet.

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