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2021-06-16, NISC CLOUD

"Great company for cloud computing services", -- naftalynmc

2021-06-16, EMIT SMS

"Cheater Cheater Cheater Cheater Cheater", -- joybarai790

2021-06-16, EMIT SMS

"Cheater. They don't provide any service after taking payments. They took 500 EUR from me via Western Union and stopped providing me any services and reply after few months. I have cheated my 480 EUR. Be aware from", -- joybarai790

2021-06-16, PAYGLASS

"OfficeAsia is by Fraud Payglass. Post fake pictures and non-authorized projects", -- 9vs3h4m

2021-06-16, PAYGLASS

"Post fake pics and project. Stupid people", -- cp7nfs5gjq


"good", -- dietslimming7

2021-06-15, PAYGLASS

"Not recommend", -- ch4t00dof

2021-06-14, CABEX

"Most preferred and Leading One Way Cab in India, In a pandemic situation where people are looking for safety and security in their life, cabex plays an important role over here. They ensure a safe and hassle-free ride.", -- Chintan Sharma


"Two critiques if the kindly admins allow: 1. Sometimes being too comfortable and self-deprecating may act as a self-constraining overly inhibiting mechanism. 2. Mentors (most of the time) are very important and beneficial. NOTE: Not referring to myself. I don't even make for a good role model.", -- closerchris


"I am pleased to finally have a proper venue for my comments regarding Mr. Lepor. About 11 years ago he was on par with talented and seasoned big firm superstars. For a decade Mr. Lepor has steadfastly risen like the proverbial cream to the top. BORING! I can stop now right? WRONG. His potential has no discernable ceiling. The ingenuity and desire to bring forth his own creative ideas and inner passion needed to manifest themselves physically is just now unleashing itself.", -- closerchris

2021-06-14, HOXO-M

"All guys in HOXO-M Inc are awesome!", -- Shinichi Takayanagi


"Avoid their ridiculous company policies that show utter disregard for secure network passwords that cannot be changed without purchasing your own gear... an otherwise 2min fix, putting your data at risk is what they do best. A LAME company policy that screams "F R CUSTOMERS"", -- ksteele36

2021-06-12, PAYGLASS

"Mai Nur Maizura Mohd Said is a poor Pakistan Malaysian not Indian", -- brgspnnzqnxrbcfgfa

2021-06-12, ASURIT

"I find this company in total distrust and fraud. Mohammed Niraz Buhari the brian of this fraud company should be ashamed of himself and his work. He is total fraud guy who scam people like mother-in-law[old couple] in the name of insurance service.", -- JessicaM

2021-06-11, PAYGLASS

"Mai Nur Maizura Mohd Said old times pics really made people feel sick.", -- y7jn2f0

2021-06-10, LTMSCC

"Firma serioasa? Cineva care lucrează deja acolo?", -- smeianucrina

2021-06-09, PAYGLASS

"Not suggestion", -- ziueqxbrvdmrngirnh

2021-06-08, ASURIT

"Niraz Buhari seems like a fraud. I know what I am saying but seriously when he speak over phone he sounds like a seamster from India who are trying to steal from you and in this case Niraz Buhari does the same in insurance industry", -- Nat T

2021-06-08, YARAB

"Yarab founder Mohammed Niraz Buhari cliams that his reputation management company office is in UK, he is lying and cheating the customers faith and innocence. They are scam and hire some cheap 3rd party company based in India who handles their outboung calls and uses UK accent to fraud the customers. They do not deliver what they promise and charge like crazy. STAY AWAY FROM THEM", -- Tim Garrison

2021-06-08, OZ CLEAN TEAM

"Jack did a fantastic job. He was on time, very friendly & offered great customer service. My carpets look amazing & all stains were removed from my sofa, leaving it looking and smelling brand new. I'm a very happy customer. Highly recommend OZ Clean (and Jack) 😊", -- Billie Martin

2021-06-08, PAYGLASS

"Low IQ achievement", -- olcdnawiousyjhqcsx

2021-06-07, ASURIT

"Their claim settlement process is full of shit. They will never settle what they have promised. Especially Mohammed Niraz Buhari an insurance agent will argue you with tooth and nail. Niraz Buhari uses fraudulent method to revoke the real amount ... Everything they say is crap when you first use their services.", -- Gill P


"Oszuści,trickster formerly as a toland plant and many others they cheat people all the time . dawniej jako firma tolan plant i wiele innych cały czas oszukują ludzi", -- dareckiii80

2021-06-07, YARAB

"Mohammed Niraz Buhari is not capable of delivering the result and neither is his companies. Niraz Buhari used his company to manage his own reputation to suppress his bad deed that he did in his past like fraud with customers/scamming people with his stupid insurance policies ...", -- Dave B

2021-06-05, MAXI TAXI DMC LTD

"Hi Good day I am terin, Can i gett Mr. Jorge contact information Maxitaxidmc ltd. This is my email", -- markem01

2021-06-04, BONDCLEAN.CO

"Thanks to the best in class service. I’m really appreciating the efforts you put in your job. Keep doing a good job like this in future also.", -- robertalexjohnsonn

2021-06-03, OZ CLEAN TEAM

"Great service don't look further. Henry was awesome, my room carpet had a lot of old Food Stains and was really gross, he didn't charge me any extra cost for the job. Great value for money. He did a great job as well the carpet is spotless. He was very professional and I would recommend them for any job!", -- Harri Watson

2021-06-02, WBS

"Stay FAR away from this group if you are looking for finance, they will suck fee after fee out of you and string you along for months with ZERO results!", -- Arlow Tvalue

2021-06-02, FORWARD EVER

"Complete scam company, stay AWAY!! they are one of the same as A.R.T. Enterprises that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from my clients! They have been reported to the FBI with an active case. STAY AWAY!", -- Arlow Tvalue

2021-06-02, A.R.T ENTERPRISES

"This company is a complete scam, I have reported all individuals to the FBI as they have stolen over $350,000.00 from my clients.", -- Arlow Tvalue


"Yuanyang International did not send material. they sent fake BL copy and taken my payment USD 30742.80. Now, they blocked my call and whatsapp and do not reply on mail.", -- chirag.patel


"totally fraud company.", -- chirag.patel

2021-06-02, MAKES360

"Amazing work experience with Makes360 and the team.", -- abhishekjustofficial

2021-06-01, 0DATA

"Thank you we want to make a partnership with for his cloud product", -- Hamber Manilla


"Houston Research Chemicals have been serving for more than 5 years and we are reliable medicines supplier, customer satisfaction is our priority and you can exchange the medicines at any time if you want to change it and also we have different reliable payment method which you can pay securely to buy pain meds medicines in the USA, EUROPE, AU, UK, CHINA, and ASIA. If you have pain sensation or suffer from chronic pain conditions contact us. red-mercury-online/ We've cancer pills in stock We ship all or", -- HOUSTON RESEARCH CHEMICALS


"Extremely Pleased with results Fast efficient and reasonably priced what more could you want", -- Annie Spratt

2021-05-29, ARVI MACCHINE

"Avoid the Arvi Machine. The car was not sent, the money was not returned. The terms of the contract are not fulfilled. No one answers my phone calls. I'll have to go to the police.", -- Siarhey


"Nice service", -- lrmkuldeep02


"Rays housekeeping service vert nice service for deep cleaning ,water tank cleaning ,sanitization,bathroom cleaning and floor cleaning", -- lrmkuldeep02

2021-05-27, PAYGLASS

"Not suggestion", -- gekalo9674

2021-05-26, PAYGLASS

"Mai Nur Maizura Mohd Said (Mai) use her left hand eat dog shit", -- yvrpongtfyqthtnwpz


"I have used this service for Pune to Chittorgarh(Raj.) and not at all satisfied. Packing was not at all good and lot of items broken in transit, 3 almiras, single bed and there were lot of scratches in my new activa. Once I recieved items, then I shared the all pics of damaged items, but no reply from their side, as they received all money from me so no response. Also once they loaded all items from Pune then after 2 days they asked for extra money, then I complained that you are asking so much, this is not", -- anonymus

2021-05-20, HAIXINGCAP

"Tiffany made a mistake on our hat production. Rather than fix the mistake she threatened to sell our hats, with our intellectual and trademarked graphic design, at her local flea market. She refuses to accept the mistake and has cost our company thousands of dollars. BEWARE WHEN WORKING WITH THIS COMPANY, ESPECIALLY TIFFANY.!!! This company cannot be trusted.", -- m


"hi", -- dseg2000

2021-05-19, PLANTINGTREE

"I paid for shipping insurance, paid for a 1 year warranty and paid for 2 to 3 foot trees. I received dead and sick trees that are 18 inches tall. I email the company within hours of delivery and their response was "NO REFUNDS" . They have made no offers of any kind to make this right. The owner himself claims they sent me healthy trees, however I have documented everything really well and I have dozens of photos proving my claims are 100% true. Even with photos the owner has not made any effort to offer res", -- bugrch


"Amazing job. Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended carpet cleaners.", --


"This information is erroneous. RAD Green Solutions is a different company and not in any way or whatsoever connected to Radicor Solutions. The title must be changed as well as the meta description (Also known as: )", -- kapataganbanana


"Excellent service! Used for move-out flea spray and this was the easiest and friendliest part of the move! From start to finish Squeak Pest Control was responsive and easy to deal with. Had us booked in within 5 minutes of ringing up, and showed up early on the day! Very reasonable price and quick and easy service.", -- dadesahil45


"Super awesome loan company! Payment and process was so easy", -- hakeemchipper


"Great works", -- Sunny Patel