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2022-01-20, FINANCE

"Scammers", -- aalprops

2022-01-20, AGA PARTS

"You guys are doing awesome", -- Thesto Womens Accessories Online

2022-01-20, AGA PARTS

"We found your company as a good supplier for our fleet of Bobcat skid loaders. You guys have some wide arrangement of parts and the prices are down to earth as well. We'll definitely come back again!", -- Jeff Brown


"Patents To Retail Is legit... Highly recommended.", -- seoprojects786

2022-01-19, PRECISION

"Kostex Garage Door Professionals of Chicago is a local family owned business. What sets us apart from the competition is our extreme attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our formula is simple: provide the highest level of service using top quality parts at prices our competitors simply will not beat. We have built our flawless reputation by providing first class service, with the highest quality products, at the best price in Chicago.", -- 247 kostex

2022-01-16, ACM UTD

"sucks", -- gangshit

2022-01-16, ACM UTD

"yeah this company is pretty based and hot especially the officers 😳", -- dfkjldsfjklfdsljk


"• Swing Property Management Services tried to sue me for items such as air filters, smoke detectors, batteries, work tools, door locks, light bulbs, shower rods, mail boxes, doorbell, bathtub stoppers, electrical outlets, and the Courts ordered Swing Property Management to remove all of those items.", -- jbsharon6


"Subsequently when ordered by the Court, Michael Swing submitted receipts showing that the master bathtub was refinished for only $50. Finally, during testimony in the final hearing, Michael Swing testified under oath that nothing was ever done to the master bathtub.", -- jbsharon6


"• Michael Swing misappropriated my name on the final lease extension, and then subsequent to that, he submitted it as evidence to court in a lawsuit Swing Property Management Services filed against me. • In the original complaint Swing Property Management Services filed against me, they testified that the master bathtub so badly damaged that it had to be replaced, and cost Swing Property Management Services $800 to replace.", -- jbsharon6


"• You will have to sue for your security deposit. Do not allow yourself to become the defendant. • If you do not sue Swing Property Management Services first, you will get sued. Michael Swing along with his favorite attorney (Fabrikant & Associates, PLLC) will lie to the Courts in order to extort additional money through the legal system (ref. Florida Bar Inquiry/Complaint no. 22-6930).", -- jbsharon6


"• On move-in day during the walk thru, Michael Swing noted on the original check-list report that the window blind verticals were damaged in multiple rooms. After the lease was over, Swing Property Management Services then charged me $300 for those window blind verticals. Please note that if every window blind vertical was replaced in the unit, it should have cost only $70. • Due to poor construction, poor maintenance and neglect, Swing Property Management Services allowed mold to grow in the building.", -- jbsharon6


"• In almost 30 years of renting, Swing Property Management Services is by far the absolute worst landlord & property manager I have ever encountered. • The first time met Michael Swing (Oct-2016) and signed the lease agreement, there was a brand-new washer and brand-new dryer in the unit. By the move-in date, Swing Property Management Services replaced the brand-new appliances with an old refurbished washer & old refurbished dryer that did not work for over 2 years of my 3-year lease term.", -- jbsharon6

2022-01-11, VDESK.WORKS

"The whole team is pleased with vDesk. I am glad that we finally found something that works for us. The mobile app is beneficial for our remote employees.", -- amandabruce2021

2022-01-11, MOMMA'S FOODS

"good", -- Calgary Immigration Lawyer


"<a href="">Call girls in delhi </a> <a href="">Delhi call girls </a> <a href="">Call girl in delhi </a> <a href="">Delhi call girl </a>", -- Mehar Khaan


"I rate a one star. As a concerned parent I feel it's important to let people know that Tatev Tiffany Darbinian is not professional. She kept asking for money and wanted to charge for reports constantly she would surprise me with large bills and demand money in cash. I do not recommend and will find someone more experienced and not a crook like her.", -- mcculloughmlzitof88


"nice", -- Jared R. Wetherby


"Probably the best recovery company in the world! THEY PROMISE AND THEY DO! That's how I got my money back. And it's about 1/2 MLN Euros! Thanks to Immanuel and David from Scamconsulting SCC", -- IG NES


"100% Success with Mega Kit -- So I am successfully past my first flush with 18 jars using the mega growing kit. I had 100% colonization of my jars following the oven method with a handheld UV-C light to help out. Many years ago I tried to grow a batch from a syringe but I failed in my due diligence and had no success. Even if you have never looked up growing mushrooms before this is the only kit you need. Instruction are provided in a well printed and detailed instruction book. My mushrooms are delicious a", -- Daniel


"UV-Wand Sterilizer Review -- I bought this light when I purchased a mega grow kit. I used the oven method to inoculate with this light providing additional sterilization. I used the light on all my surfaces before starting, on each jar top immediately before inoculation, and on my spore syringe needle after flame heating while letting it cool. The light was wrapping in a layer of aluminum foil and wedged between my top oven rack and the top of the oven. I fully expected the light to suffer or quit workin", -- William Caskey


"5-grain Spawn Bags are legit! -- My 5-grain spawn bags arrived in 3 days from the time I placed the order! Professional packaging and customer service from Midwest Grow Kits. I used one bag with spores and am already seeing growth on day 7. I am Waiting for an agar plate to colonize before inoculating the other grain but I’m excited to see the difference in colonization time compared to traditional rye grain only. Thanks for delivering exactly what I expected and for a great price. Will only be ordering", -- Karen

2022-01-03, USA CLEAN MASTER

"new address: 1172 Taft St, Rockville, MD 20850", -- amibar


"Very unprofessional. Very small cramped place. Does not want parents to see the therapies and it because some times the door has opened and they are not even giving therapy. Disrespectful Tatevik Darbinian . Do not show intetest about children just money. They encourage children to go sick with flu to not lose bills. You request to see what they are billing on your account and they do not want to give it. they use any excuse to not give it. All about money. Very sad the situation for special needs children", -- gaitharblbroughy35


"Ecosphere Review -- All of the items in the kit are of good quality. The instructions for assembly are adequate but do leave some details to users' insight. I was able to achieve my desired grow temps without even reading the instructions. Really worth the money!! Buying this all separate would be almost as much!", -- Elsie Niemi


"Thumbs up!! I'm an old man. Years ago, this was a hard hobby to get into. We use to have to manufacture and construct our own kits with VERY mixed results. This kit is basically foolproof...follow the step-by-step instruction and you should get more than your investment worth by the time your first cakes are expired (you'll get 2-3 flushes out of them). The old man says "Both Thumbs Up!". Good Growing!", -- Tammy Florio


"First Time Grower Review-- I am a first time user and so I wanted to get a grow kit in order to minimize the number of errors I made. I cannot yet comment on how the grow went, because I am just in the beginning stages still. I can tell you that the kit was everything I hoped it would be and the instructions for use were thorough and easy to follow. My kit came within a week of purchase, and after some issues with FedEx being too lazy to bring the package to my door and leaving it with my complex manager", -- Christopher Lucas


"AGAR is perfect! I love their Agar plates. I have been buying them for last few months for all my lab work. Always clean and mycellium love it! Better than any other supplier 18. Mushroom Lighting Kit Review- Light is awesome! I picked this up after some stubborn cakes would not pin. I actually had pieced together a kit from few different suppliers last year and read a post about this light on Reddit, and yea it really is the perfect mushroom light. I had pins 3 days after plugging this in! You really ca", -- alesandrogjoni456


"This is the Fraud Company, Already filed complaint in Embassy of India. Bull Shit! Never trust this company's staff or Owner.", -- prajapati.hardik

2021-12-29, DR WONG ANATOMY

"BUYER BEWARE. We bought some anatomy models from this company and tee never rec’d $740+ worth of our products. They ignored our emails and refused to refund or resend.#Buyerbeware", -- graysonstarbuck


"Best bathroom fitting company in London!", -- Andy Davis


"Detailed Review of Mega Mushroom Grow kit -- I purchased the Mega Kit with the intention of growing mushrooms for my first time. The kit ships with everything that one would need, especially the prepared jars to inoculate your spores in. This greatly simplified my setup since the kit has everything a small scale grower would want. After watching numerous YouTube videos and reading articles, I was very much overwhelmed by the equipment and particulars needed to start. This kit allowed me to just get started", -- daniel harris

2021-12-22, COLIVING HOMES

"Coliving di Brunei adalah SCAM", -- rckpdpcvd


"This is a scam, not a real company. All they do is steal people’s money and use fake addresses for their “business”", -- Jada Morgan

2021-12-21, HARRY THE MOVER

"I highly recommend Harry the Mover when you are planning to move. They move your furniture very carefully , efficiently with a lesser amount.", -- Ruby White

2021-12-20, EASTRAIN GROUP

"100% scammer 100% scammer Do not trust Received $ 5435 but did not send the goods 100% scammer fake#", -- plextoriran

2021-12-18, COLIVING HOMES

"Contact Higher Hotel counter much better. Single room for long term budget price 300-500 BND per month. Clean the room every week for free.", -- 0vya84rf


"first time trying out this Hobby and everything is coming out great better-than-expected haven't fruit the cakes that are about 75 to 80% but so far 13 jars are booming out of 18 the last five still have about two days to show signs of growth if everything goes right which I do expect from firsthand experience the little I have", -- aleksxhafa729


"jars and innoculated. I went to the store and purchased supplies for a second incubation chamber using this kit as a guide. Once my original set of cakes from this kit are finished flushing, the new ones should be ready to fruit. Most of what you are paying for is the substrate jars. Yes, you could save money making your own, but the convienence of not having to go through the trouble is worth the price to me. Midwest grow kits have a good track record and from my personal experience I will continue purchas", -- andidedja596

2021-12-16, COLIVING HOMES

"Stupid Bitch Nur Maizura Mohd Said scammer steal Higher hotel photo post on FB", -- peaqmtsgb.vizg

2021-12-16, COLIVING HOMES

"Syarikat cekik darah ni. Baik tah lintasi iklan. Nya ani.", -- zkdyaisgb

2021-12-15, MININGPERU

"Hello We are Gold miners associates based in Africa . The internet Directory provided me with your email address and we decided to contact you . We can supply you with Gold any quantity you may require for a long contract period . Kindly contact me for more discussions and to agree upon terms and conditions Best regards . Mr Diawara", -- badraabu15

2021-12-15, AGA PARTS

"When they found out that I'm from West Orange, they immediately offered me EXW terms since I live near by. It was a good idea. Not only did I save some money, I was also able to stop by and pick up the same day", -- Mario Miles

2021-12-14, COLIVING HOMES

"Nur Maizura Mohd Said Malaysian scammer is the top list in Brunei", -- uwrxauufb


"Purchased the Mega kit and what else can I say but “wow”. Besides the sheer size of the kit itself, while contained in the tub, pulling out the kit will leave a plethora of items. This kit leaves nothing to chance while growing mushrooms. Live in a cold area? Comes with a heat mat. Live in a dry area? Not a problem with the hydroponic humidifier and HEPA filtered line. The included paper instructions, along with the video links (which i watched several times before injections), made my first time inocul", -- Amy Davis

2021-12-13, LOREM DESIGNS

"It was a very nice experience working with Lorem Designs", -- loremdesignsdm

2021-12-12, COLIVING HOMES

"Why my house become in Malaysia?", -- eralwhrfb+5t

2021-12-09, COLIVING HOMES

"Stop put your stupid sticker on my shop. It looks very cheap. Stupid BITCH", -- yimcqsofb-0uq

2021-12-08, COLIVING HOMES

"Become millionaires edi???", -- kxtasdnfb

2021-12-08, COLIVING HOMES

"Fraud. No license", -- fkuqicnfb-h1d