Debbie Harrison

Job Titles:
  • Architect
  • Associate Director
Debbie is a chartered landscape architect, working in private practice since 1997. Debbie joined HarrisonStevens in September 2018 bringing with her a wealth of previous experience working at GROSS. MAX. Landscape Architects, Edinburgh, as well as in landscape offices in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Sydney. Debbie has been instrumental in running many prestigious jobs from inception to completion including the award-winning (Landscape Institute, 2012) Potters Fields Park, London and the Stirling Prize Winning (2011) Evelyn Grace Academy, London with Zaha Hadid Architects. Debbie has a broad range of experience in all aspects of design and complex job running within large multidisciplinary design teams. Key experience includes masterplanning and university campus designs in both Edinburgh and Sydney, mixed use development projects in London, public parks and urban squares, detailed planting design including collaborations with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and urban redevelopment strategies for both London's West Smithfield area and Sydney's major gateway. Her skill set includes offering innovative and creative design solutions, taking projects through from concept and planning to detailed design development and construction, and community consultation experience. Key to her success is an ability to work well and forge good relationships with clients, design team members, contractors and suppliers to ensure jobs are delivered successfully and to the highest standards.

Grace Newbigging

Job Titles:
  • Graduate Spatial Designer
Grace joined HarrisonStevens in 2023 after graduating from Interior & Spatial design at Edinburgh Napier University. Her honours project explored the importance of urban green spaces, active horticultural therapy and third places within the built environment, for the betterment of the well-being of young people. It was awarded second place in Best in Show 2023 by Flow Architects and Edinburgh Napier due to its emotionally engaging design. Grace's previous experience in spatial, urban, masterplanning and exhibition design have led her to discover a passion for designing community driven spaces with a direct link to nature and the emotional response of the user. Grace enjoys discovering the emotional relationship of user and environment within all her designs and looks to create designs that bridge the connection between urban environments and the importance of nature. Her affinity with horticultural and the natural world has provided the opportunity to approach each project as nature would, in a positive, empathetic and opportunistic way. As Grace begins her career in Landscape Architecture, her future goal is to design spaces that are both beautiful and functional whilst encouraging a better connection between nature and user to improve the mental well-being of the user.

Harry McNeilly

Job Titles:
  • Graduate
Harry joined HarrisonStevens in February 2023 after graduating from the University of Derby with a degree in Civil Engineering. In his younger years Harry studied at the JCB Academy, where he wrote a dissertation titled "What will the future of successful cities look like?" This project is what opened his eyes to the built environment, Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture. Harry also has two years of experience working in Civil Engineering with his previous position at WSP, where he was based in the water sector. During his time with the company, he took on responsibilities such as managing large client meetings and engaged with industry software, such as MapInfo, ARC GIS and FRM. Some of the clients he worked with include Severn Trent, Welsh Water and Wessex Water. As Harry is only just beginning his career in Landscape Architecture, his future goal is to design spaces that can benefit the users mental and physical health as well as increasing social interaction.

Liz Leech

Job Titles:
  • Associate
Prior to joining HarrisonStevens in the summer of 2018, Liz worked at Illman Young Landscape Design during and after graduating from the University of Gloucestershire landscape architecture course in 2007. Prior to that, Liz worked in Warwick, Bristol and Bath for a range of landscape and architecture practices whilst gaining her degree in architecture. Liz designs spaces that aim to be beautiful as well as functional, and which sit in tune with the natural environment. Her particular interests include the boundary between indoor and outdoor space; SuDS; the perception of objects and interventions in the landscape; and the geomorphology of the environment. Throughout her career, Liz has worked on projects from concept through to implementation on site. Whilst at Illman Young, she worked on projects as diverse as Cheltenham Racecourse, Milton Keynes Western Expansion Area, secondary schools, community hospitals, urban squares and various private gardens and estates.

Louise Stevens

Job Titles:
  • Studio Manager
Louise graduated from the Kingston University, with a degree in Landscape Architecture before securing a research position with Atkins in partnership with Reading University. The role saw Louise undertake a research programme primarily studying Design Management Processes and Construction Design Processes. The role saw her travel to many projects which were in the construction phase at the time. These projects included the transport infrastructure associated with the Tsuen Wan Line, MTR in Hong Kong and the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Louise's diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties allowed for her to refocus towards additional support needs education, at the Royal Blind School, where her knowledge and skill set were utilised. This varied career path has given Louise a unique insight into both the management of design processes and the support role, critical to the efficient running of a modern design studio. Responsible for all elements of office and financial process management Louise, while a supporting member of the HarrisonStevens team, possesses an in-depth understanding of the core values that frame the vision of this design practice.

Martin Stevens - Founder, Managing Director

Job Titles:
  • Co - Founder
  • Managing Director
Martin is a co-founder of HarrisonStevens, setting up the practice in 2010. A Chartered Landscape Architect and Ambassador of the Landscape Institute, Martin has worked in the UK, North America and the Middle East since 1995. Throughout this international experience, he has developed a detailed and in-depth understanding for guiding the aspirations and expectations of clients via a thorough interrogation of brief, project potential and lifecycle costing. Martin leads the technical delivery of the studio and is at the vanguard of the HarrisonStevens' core values of robust delivery and construction implementation. Martin has offered stewardship to award winning projects completed in the UK, and internationally ranging from extensive campus; infrastructure; housing; resort and; public realm schemes; schools; health care facilities: through to intimate bespoke courtyards. Project delivery skills honed from best practice across this portfolio has led to a confident and effective management of the HarrisonStevens and wider project teams, deliverables and budgets: getting the best collaborative input of consultant teams he works with. Lifecycle costing, material selections and detailing, delivery phasing, procurement routes and maintenance liabilities all contribute to the demonstrable and intrinsically sustainable delivery. The resulting approach provides for effective, pragmatic, meaningful and affordable implementation of the Studio's creative projects.

Masha Blokhina

Job Titles:
  • Landscape Architect
Masha joined HarrisonStevens in 2021 after completing her Master of Science degree in Architecture from the Universität Liechtenstein and Master of Arts (Hons) degree in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh. Her Master Thesis project emphasised the use of a public space as a tool for social and urban regeneration and it inspired her to continue working on the designs for public realm in the professional setting. During her undergraduate years, Masha has worked as a Part I Architectural Assistant in Anderson Bell + Christie where she has been a part of residential, healthcare and educational projects. Working closely with design team at the conceptual, technical and construction stages has helped Masha to gain both creative and organisational experience. As part of ABC's contribution to the Architecture Fringe 2019, Masha has helped to organise a workshop that explored how urban conditions such as pavements, stairs and street furniture can be improved for the people with visual impairment. Masha has a wide range of skills that includes undertaking historic and contextual analysis, exploring innovative design ideas, researching unique and sustainable material solutions as well as sketching, model making and working with 3D modelling and graphic software. Masha is passionate about human psychology, research by design, multidisciplinary work approach and delivery of projects that engage stakeholders in the design process. Now with HarrisonStevens, Masha is working on urban public realm projects where she is able to explore concept design and assist with finding enhanced conditions for urban living.

Mike Harrison - Founder

Job Titles:
  • Co - Founder
  • Creative Director
Mike Harrison is a co-founder of HarrisonStevens, setting up the practice in 2010. He is a Chartered Landscape Architect, working in private practice since 1995. He is also a Spaceshaper facilitator and advisor to the Landscape Institute Scotland committee. In 2015 he was elected onto the A&DS Design Forum, advising on urban design and landscape architecture. He is a talented designer winning Scottish Design awards, and several regeneration, housing and place making awards from projects with HarrisonStevens. Mike leads the design delivery of the practice. Mike has extensive knowledge of landscape architecture both in design and construction and is a skilled urban designer. He has developed a thorough understanding of the profession from large scale masterplanning and urban design to detail delivery of high quality landscape and public realm contracts. Applying his pragmatic approach to town centre regeneration public realm schemes, health centre landscapes and housing projects. His experience includes leading the design approach for multidisciplinary teams in the delivery of multi-million-pound regeneration housing, town centre masterplan and infrastructure projects.

Peter Dunmow

Job Titles:
  • Senior Consultant
Peter has twenty four years of experience in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, managing and working on a range of projects throughout the UK and overseas. His experience covers the full range of landscape consultancy services including landscape and visual impact assessments, comprehensive planning supporting statements and public inquiry evidence for a range of developments including wind farms and other renewable developments, overhead power lines, substation projects, biomass plants, business parks, housing, roads, quarry and mineral developments. Peter has prepared a range of townscape assessment work for a variety of new retail, commercial and residential developments as well as analysis and survey for urban renewal, regeneration and design studies. In addition, Peter complements these skills with considerable experience in masterplanning, detailed site planning and contract management. Peter previously led the landscape teams at Enviros Consulting/ SKM Enviros/ Jacobs between 2005-2015

Rebecca Rankin

Job Titles:
  • Consultant
Rebecca joined HarrisonStevens after graduating from Interior and Spatial Design at Edinburgh Napier University. Her degree major project explored how spatial design and exposure to urban green space can impact mental health and promote general well-being. It was awarded Best in Show 2021 by Edinburgh Napier and the Design Futures 2021 award by Interior Educators due to its innovative concept and engaging design. Previous experience in interior, urban, exhibition and wayfinding design projects have founded a passion for design in public and urban settings. Depth and conceptual meaning are brought to all her projects through in-depth historic and contextual research. A passion for exposure to nature is highlighted throughout her work and her creativity is displayed in her conceptual sketches and visualisations. Rebecca enjoys seeking out sustainable materials and methods of design within the industry and particularly looks to enrich both the landscape and the users experience of a space and context. Her designs seek to make a difference and alongside HarrisonStevens she believes that designing with empathy and at human scale is of great importance.

Roxana Karam

Job Titles:
  • Architectural Technologist and Designer
Roxana joined HarrisonStevens in February 2023. Prior to that, she has worked as an Architectural Technologist and Designer at Armadilla Ltd. 2019-2022. She is a PhD candidate in Architecture at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA-ECA) at University of Edinburgh. She has gained her degrees in BSc and MSc in Architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology (2007-2014). Roxana has design experience within a wide range of scales from small luxury Pods to multi-purpose complex, cultural, healthcare, residential and educational projects. Working closely with design teams at the conceptual, technical and construction stages has helped Roxana to gain both creative and organisational experience. She has a wide range of skills that includes working with CAD/CAM and graphic software, site analysis, innovative and functional design ideas. Her PhD is an urban cartographic study in which she is exploring urban tactics using collective and personal geo-tagged data. She is a passionate spatial designer/researcher with experience in both academia and industry. During her time at the University of Edinburgh she has taught and supervised design programs across ECA and ESALA. She has been awarded grants across multiple funding schemes such as Festival of Creative Learning to design, develop and run creative workshops within the university. Now at HarrisonStevens, Roxana is working on multiple urban projects, while utilising her skill set in offering new innovative ways for both technical and visual design solutions.

Sam Pritchett

Job Titles:
  • Landscape Architect
Sam joined HarrisonStevens in 2022 after starting his career working for BradleyMurphyDesign remotely in Birmingham. His studies included completing his Master of Arts (Hons) in Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on representation and the evolving nature of visualisations within Landscape Architecture for his thesis. He is drawn to the creation and representation of proposals and prides himself on the details and intricacies of design. During his first year Sam worked as an assistant at BMD where he was part of a wide range of landscape architects working on sustainable housing schemes in the Cambridgeshire region. Most notably was the Waterbeach Barracks development where the proposals saw a disused airfield base transformed into a sustainable housing project with links to existing water and river networks and active travel and play amenities. Whilst at HarrisonStevens Sam has undertaken a wide variety of diverse projects. Most notably he has been involved closely with undertaking the task of kicking off the Wavegarden project as it moves towards the final stages of construction. Passionate about placemaking and utilising spaces to there fullest potential Sam has been involved with numerous place making projects at HarrisonStevens.

Tom Stephenson

Job Titles:
  • Graduate Landscape Architect
Tom joined Harrison Stevens in June 2022 and has just completed his Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) at The University of Edinburgh. Prior to joining the team he studied Fine Art at The University of Dundee, specialising in contemporary sculpture. A love for the landscape and creativity enabled Tom to develop some insightful projects during his time studying at ECA. His graduate project ‘A Passing Reserve' was based on the impact of global warming on the Icelandic landscape and the melting of the Vatnajökul ice cap. Tom is passionate about attention to detail, whether this be through carefully curated planting design or the fine intricacies of street furniture. Before joining Harrison Stevens Tom worked as a senior gardener for a hotel in the West Highlands of Scotland which provided a canvas to express his creativity through planting design while allowing a tactile understanding of the dynamics and stewardship process of landscapes. Tom also spent a year working for a small-scale nursery which has given him insight into the commercial side of horticulture. Tom's multi-faceted experience enables him to take a holistic approach to Landscape Architecture, creating links between Art, horticulture and design. Tom is currently working on Custom House Quay for Glasgow City Council with Harrison Stevens, assisting with the design of an exciting linear quayside park in the heart of Glasgow City.

Zhan Mo

Job Titles:
  • Project Landscape Architect
Zhan joined HarrisonStevens in December 2019 after graduating from the University of Sheffield with a Master of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture. During his studies, he interned as a Landscape Architect in China, which offered him the opportunity to better understand processes from concept design to detail design in the landscape industry. As an undergraduate student, Zhan studied rain gardens, the riverbank, the waterfront, and wetlands. One of his best works of a wetland park design won the third prize of the 8th Yuan Ye Award International Competition. He is passionate about making lively public spaces and believes all designs share the same value-figuring out the easiest method for the unsolved problem. Zhan did his master's dissertation on 'Understanding the social function of front gardens in a community'. One of his design works on neighbourhood design won the silver prize of the 8th IDEA-KING International Landscape Competition, the best 30 works out of 2100 competitors. Zhan is currently working on Wavegarden Scotland. He believes the power of design and the design can shape a better world.