Job Titles:

Andrew Smith

Having worked within building services for over 25 years, Andrew has worked on a huge variety of project types. As one of our Directors, Andrew drives the company forward and encourages a progressive and dynamic team. Still manages to fit in some mountain biking and skiing from time to time.

Dave Jasper

Dave joined us at Smith Consult in 2016 following 20+ years in the industry. He made his mark and became a Director when we moved to our new offices in Clevedon in July 2018. Dave brings an impressive combination of practicality and innovation and a calm and ordered management approach. He also puts up with Andrew's obsession with converting Dave to becoming a Neil Diamond fan.


Job Titles:

Melanie Smith

Job Titles:
  • Founder With Andrew
Founder with Andrew in 2012, Melanie is our Finance Director. With a background in IT and a slight fixation with spreadsheets, Melanie is never happier than when the team ask her to automate project processes to make them more efficient. Loves food and loves skiing and preferably combining the two.

Rich Grundy

Our newest Director Rich, promoted in 2021, joined the team in 2018 and has impressed us all with his considerable knowledge and unflappable approach. Rich is our Mechanical and Sustainability Lead, a Chartered Engineer with Engineering Council UK and a Low Carbon Energy Assessor- EPC Level 5. Currently holds the office record for the fastest 10km loop round the Kenn Moors and is a founder member of Fitness Friday.