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Dr. Abdul Wali Ahmed

Dr. Abdul Wali Ahmed is lucky enough to have studied both medical systems - Allopathic, Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine in detail which consist of natural medicine, homoeopathy and nutritional medicine. He has vast knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs and their effects on living cells and nutritional medicine and their effects on living cells. He took up a Veterinary Medicine Degree from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, in 1991 he completed his DVM degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). He worked as a Veterinary Doctor for an government agency in Pakistan for a few years then moved to Dubai, UAE. Whilst in Dubai an incident happened to his family that would change his life forever. One day he received a call from his family in Pakistan informing him that his father is in the emergency room in hospital and the doctors are telling them that his father only has a little time left. He was completely shocked when he heard this news as he had a long conversation with his father 2 days ago and he was perfectly fine. His father had told him that he should increase his insulin dosage because his doctor has informed him that his sugar is not in good range. When he went back to Pakistan he was horrified to see that his father seems to have third degree burn all over his body. His body was all covered in blisters. He was then informed by the doctor that his father has Steven Johnson Syndrome, when he ask the doctor what is this disease that doctor just rudely dismissed him saying he does not have time to explain this matter. For 5 days, he watched his father slipping from his hands in every day. The only remedy which was given was Hydro cortisone cream to be which was applied on his skin. But due to the side effects of high steroid usage his blood sugar shoot-up and if doctors try to bring his blood sugar down his skin will start to blister again. And ultimately he lost his father. The doctor went back to Dubai, feeling heartbroken and grieved. He checked from his family members what his father took on the day when he got Steven Johnson Syndrome attack. He started investigating and reading what is Steven Johnson Syndrome. He came to know that Steven Johnson Syndrome is a drug reaction to Ibuprofen tablets or more commonly known as Brufen tablets which his father took that day due to knee pain. This revelation turned his thinking 180 degree; this was the opposite to what he had been told while studying medicine. From 2005, he developed a deep interest in the field of natural health and natural ways to heal the body. He studied extensively specifically taking interest in the effects of micronutrients on the human body. The doctor who himself was on the initial stages of having diabetes was successfully able to reverse this by using micronutrients and making certain food and lifestyle changes. He was able to flush out gall bladder stones just by using natural techniques. In 2007, he came into contact with Dr. Jack Grogon who was working in Michigan in the field of human health and slowly under the guidance of Dr. Grogan he started expanding his knowledge to human health. In 2009, he moved to UK with his family to further his study on natural human health. And in 2011, he started Care & Cure Nutraceutical Ltd and started formulating supplements to support different human health conditions. The effects of micronutrients on human body were shockingly pleasant for him and he has seen a turn around in people's health with the proper usage of micronutrients. In 2014, he enrolled in IQUIM University in Hawaii USA to get a degree in natural medicine. In 2016, he completed his I-MD in Natural Medicine and also in the same year he completed his Doctorate and Phd in the field of Natural Medicine. His topic of Research in his PhD was "Management of Type2 Diabetes with Micronutrients supplementation, stress reduction and liver detox and food and life style changes". In his research work which was conducted on three UK residents he was able to prove that Type2 Diabetes is completely reverseable with above mentioned natural interventions. Right now, his living in London with his family, he is proud father of two children Danial Ahmed age 16 and Sabeeha Ahmed age 9. His consultation office in London and Dr.Wali is running a very successful weekly radio health show on London base FM radio - Punjab Radio Show with the regular listenership of millions. His shows are listened around the world via smart phone apps. Dr. Wali has clients from Australia, Canada and from the Middle East to India. He is in the process of setting-up his own wellness centre in Valencia, Spain were he exclusively wants to work on cancer patients.