FD EXPRESS - Key Persons

Chris Mathew

Job Titles:
  • Managing Director, Sales & Marketing
Chris was a successful financial advisor with the Standard Bank Group before being invited to join the board. He was recruited by Clerical Medical Group in 1994 and moved to the UK, where he managed sales teams, funds operations and client services in the UK, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In addition to his involvement in Fractional Development Express, Chris is a partner in a company that provides a range of consultancy services, including performance improvement, marketing & distribution strategies for investment funds and the marketing and promotion of an online legal information and training programme from specialists at the global law firm Baker & McKenzie.

Richard Lowther

Job Titles:
  • Managing Director, Finance & Legal
  • Treasurer for a Charitable Educational Trust
Richard qualified as a Chartered accountant in South Africa with PriceWaterhouse, prior to starting a career as a Finance Director with British American Tobacco, with whom he undertook varied international assignments including in the UK, USA, Germany and Hungary, before leaving to establish Fractional Development Express. Richard is Governor and Treasurer for a Charitable Educational Trust (Frensham Heights School) and also volunteers as an Adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau.