Alison France - Founder

Job Titles:
  • Founding Director
"Driving performance through inclusion by harnessing the value of challenge and conflict." I founded evosis Limited in 2011 to achieve my vision of "Inclusive workplaces where leadership teams succeed because people connect through similarity and grow with difference." My work is grounded in my experiences as a leader, explorer and commercial manager, my qualifications in occupational psychology and organisation development and as a bisexual woman who has experienced mental health challenges and a spinal cord injury. When working as a coach/mentor with individuals encourage coachee's to achieve acceptance and lead with their whole selves. In teams, I help the group appreciate and include each person's differences and strengths. In organisations I lead acceptance and inclusion of diversity and difference. In each of these activities the goal is to achieve strategic aims and bottom line results. In communities I help raise awareness of diversity, fight stigma and improve mental health and wellbeing, I'm currently achieving this through my roles as Vice Chair of Trustees for MindOut and Trustee for the Spinal Injuries Association plus my writing including blogs, magazine articles and my book (work in progress!).


Job Titles:
  • Director