Job Titles:
  • Director

Gerry Budd - Managing Director

Job Titles:
  • Managing Director
  • Principals
Gerry Budd, managing director of the company has extensive experience of renewable energy and energy savings projects. Whilst commercial director at Evolve Energy 2008:2010 Gerry was responsible for energy savings contracts at Tesco, Aldi and the design and installation of renewable energy and energy savings equipment at the Savoy Hotel. He was part of the team that managed an installation of a hydroelectric energy installation for the supply of "green" electricity to the Royal Household at Windsor Castle. R P Superstructures was the principal contractor for the installation of over 1km of power cable which connected the Hydro Electric turbines to the plant room deep below the castle. In the process the team had to tunnel under roads, rivers and railway lines and then work in the Castle grounds and buildings during a very busy time during the Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

SANDRA BUDD - Secretary

Job Titles:
  • Company Secretary