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Training takes place in your home as this is where your dog is most relaxed & receptive to training & rehabilitation. The sessions preferably involve all the family and address your needs as well as that of the dog. We aim to give you the confidence and ability to continue working with your pet after the training sessions are over so that your dog reliably responds to you & your family, not just the trainer... One of the many pleasures of my work is not only the diversity of dogs that I meet and help, from Akitas to Chihuahuas lately, but the variety of the experience with each training session means that I learn something new every day. Every client and their relationship with their dog is unique and requires individual attention and this makes my work both enjoyable and challenging and keeps me passionate about training. We are based in Laleham, Middlesex which is near Heathrow Airport... We are based in Laleham, Middlesex, located between Bracknell, Woking & Richmond & our contact..
Also known as: F.E.T.C.H
Primary location: United Kingdom
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