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The Haven Tain IV19 1AY Scotland
Kosho-Ryu Kempo (Karate) was founded by a Buddhist monk named Daruma, who was the successor of the first Buddha: Gautama. In 530 A.D. Daruma introduced Ch'uan Fa to the Buddhist monks of the Shaolin temple in China so that they could protect both themselves and the temple from bandits. Travellers introduced Ch'uan Fa to Japan and the Samurai blended elements of the art into their JuJitsu systems. The Kosho-Ryu Kempo system was founded by a Buddhist monk named Eizon (Kosho) Bosatsu, who, in 1235 meditated under an old Pine tree in the grounds of the family temple in Japan and came to an understanding of natural law which gave him a perfect method of defence and escape. Kosho-Ryu Kempo was brought to the West from Japan by it's 21st Grand Master - James Mitose, who lived in Hawaii, USA... All of our instructors are dedicated Martial Artists, trained to the highest level who inspire students towards the goal of Black Belt and beyond. We are committed to Highland Council's Child..
Also known as: Scottish Kempo Academy
Primary location: Tain United Kingdom
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