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Lakenheath Community Primary School Mill Road Lakenheath BRANDON Suffolk IP27 9DU
At Lakenheath our aim is for all our children to develop a love of learning through fun and challenging lessons. By the time our children leave us we hope they will have the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed at secondary school and a very good grounding in the life skills they need for their future... Lakenheath Schools were built in 1878. The Victorian front of the present school looks very much as it did when it was built apart from a couple of flat roof additions, a front entrance porch, and a bell tower which was blown down in a storm... Each year group at the school can admit up to 45 children, meaning that when we are full we can now accommodate up to 315 children. Our catchment area includes Lakenheath, Eriswell and Sedge Fen. We also have a number of children who come to our school from other neighbouring towns and villages. With Lakenheath village living alongside the USAF airbase, we also have a number of American children on our school roll. It is usually..
Also known as: Lakenheath Community Primary School
Primary location: Brandon United Kingdom
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