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Liquorice-licorice is a buy online liquorice shop where you can buy pre-packed and bulk liquorice, sourced from many different countries. We have been selling liquorice for over 15 years!... We aim to provide you with the finest choice of liquorice products that will either introduce you to the magical flavours of liquorice or take you back to your childhood and re-connect you with your old favourites. All our liquorice is made with high quality ingredients for maximum flavour... 100gr is often not enough of this truly tasty stuff.Liquorice-licorice is a website where you, the consumer, can buy lots of your favourite liquorice in bulk. Most websites will sell you a small bag of each product. We are different, for a lot of products, you do not just buy 1 bag of your favourite product on this website but a whole kilo. This means you get much more for your hard earned money, saving you more.
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