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Barrio Arene 20 48640 Berango, Vizcaya Spain
Metallo Belgium was founded in 1919 as ‘La Metallo-Chimique N.V.'. By 1923 it was processing a wide variety of raw materials ranging from copper trouser-studs to foundry and factory grindings. In the sixties a process was developed to recycle copper, tin and lead out of more complex raw materials. Today, Metallo excels in recycling and refining non-ferrous materials... Metallo Spain, previously known as Elmet, was founded on November 1991 in Berango, Biscay. The production of black copper, its principal activity, started in October 1992. In 2000 the smelting capacity at Elmet was boosted from 4500 tons to 7500 tons per month allowing a production increase of black copper of more than 2000 tons per month... Both men can often be found in nature. As the Metallo Group employs over 500 people and realizes an annual turnover of approximately one billion euros, Dirk and Valentin are constantly making decisions that affect the lives of colleagues at Metallo and their families. The nurturing..
Also known as: Metallo Belgium, Metallo Group, Metallo Spain, METALLO SPAIN S.L.U.
Primary location: Berango Spain
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