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Lee Lane, Millhouse Green, Sheffield, S36 9LN
Millhouse has been through a lot of changes recently. Since 2011 Millhouse Primary School has expanded from just 76 children to 136 in 2015. In the last 17 months, we have added a classroom, basketball courts and a new adventure playground. As the school has developed and grown our ethos continues to remain the same and we strive to be a friendly, accepting school where our children of all ages collaborate, work and learn together... Over the last year we have redesigned our curriculum, putting Millhouse children at its heart and we are proud to offer a broad and balance curriculum teaching through topics. We look at our own community including the history and locality of our school and the importance of farming in the local area. We also explore our rich Victorian history and architecture. We recognise at Millhouse, that the vast majority of us are of similar British up-bringing and backgrounds and we believe that our children need exposing to the wider cultures of Britain and the..
Also known as: Millhouse, Millhouse Primary
Primary location: Sheffield United Kingdom
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