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United Kingdom is a portal to three artistic organisations Started in 2009 to allow small groups and individuals to share their skills and products on the world wide web We still apply the same ethos today that started MollyArt Wedding Stationary in 2009. If your interested in joining our family then get in touch... MollyArt is based in Central Scotland, providing our service's across the globe Our service is based on designing and producing your stationary personally, incorporating touches that are important to you, important words, a special picture, a specific colour. Our experienced design team help you create the perfect stationary as well as give guidance on the key points and little extras you need to think about to give that flowing synergy that helps make your day go well. MollyArt is not the cheapest you will find, Does not produce standard stationary, and only handles a few commissions at any one time to ensure our clients get the full individual attention that's needed to..
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