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NannyPaye is not trying to be the cheapest competitor as that's not what our clients need or want. We offer a comprehensive nanny tax service for £179.99 (monthly payslips) with no extra costs, making us very competitive compared to all but the most minor less established nanny tax providers. This means we will not ask you to pay anything extra to speak to our Employment Lawyers, amend your payroll, run Sick Pay, Maternity Pay or process staff leaving or joining. We have a well trained and established team with multiple inbound phone lines so your calls are answered within a few rings by a real person... NannyPaye is here to guide you on all matters in relation to employing a Nanny, so think of us as your outsourced HR department rather than just a payroll bureau. Expect to be able to talk to us about many areas of the nanny industry such as salary rates, the role of a Nanny, Nanny Shares and their pros and cons, insurance, childcare vouchers, pensions, budget changes and their..
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