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Suites 3/4, Leeds Road, Bradford, BD10 9TE
We at Premier are a family owned company with local friendly values. Like you, we are all ordinary people with families, homes and businesses that are very precious to us. We understand that when you have a pest problem it can be deeply upsetting and you want it stamping out. Fast!... In the business world, we are pest control experts in the food (Including catering /packaging,) pharmaceutical and farming industries. We know that you value the safety of your colleagues and customers and that you have to take steps to ensure that your work environment is kept free of the disease and distress that pests bring. You may also need to reduce the financial losses caused by rodent or insect infestations... Our vast experience has shown us that when you encounter a pest problem it is rarely your fault. Local councils are cutting back their pest control and cleansing services due to austerity measures. The streets seem to be dirtier, our weather more extreme and this means that pests have..
Primary location: Bradford United Kingdom
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