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West Lynne, Ireland, Bigton, Shetland ZE2 9JA
We are passionate about creating quality furniture. We enjoy the process of creating unique pieces of furniture which come from our expertise of over eleven years of developing our inspirational brand of specialised furniture. We also offer a bespoke service to work with clients to tailor our furniture into unique and individual furnishings for their homes. Either way our furniture will greatly enhance their living environment... The business is located in Bigton. A small village and one of Shetland's top tourist destinations with it's fabulous tombola connecting St Ninian's Isle to the mainland . The Islands have a strong links to Norway, we are the most northerly island in Scotland and lie on the same latitude as Greenland, Oslo in Norway and Helsinki in Finland . A very beautiful and dramatic landscape which never stops inspiring you. Traditionally we have been in the middle of busy trade routes so we don't think of ourselves as being far away, as we are rooted right in the middle..
Also known as: Paparwark Furniture
Primary location: Bigton United Kingdom
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