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St Patrick's College Jaffna. Alumni Association UK - Home - Official website of the St Patrick's College, Jaffna Alumni Association United Kingdom. A registered chartiy in England and Wales (No. 1088167)... Our association was formed in the early 80's by the old boys of St. Patrick's College who were living in the UK at that time with the aim of providing a platform for social interaction between the ex-Patrician's living in the UK and thereby allowing them to keep in touch with their Alma Mater and its growth and development. The alma mater itself was going through difficult time following the nationalization of many private faith schools in Sri Lanka. The Patrician's in the UK strongly felt that they must come together and provide moral and financial support to the Rector of St. Patrick's College during those challenging time. However the association did not have as many members and a constitution... We, as patricians, would like to join and support our brethren as the situation is..
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