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18 Tranmere Court, Langley Park Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5HE
At Pest-Tec we provide a whole host of services from bugs to rodents to birds to mammals. We can solve almost any London pest control problem on your property. We use a variety of methods to achieve this ranging from physical to chemical. Each product must be used properly, and we know how... As a genuine LOCAL family-run business, Pest-Tec prides itself on being trustworthy and friendly. We offer great value with a fantastic service. We are efficient, professional and yet we remain approachable and easy-to-contact... In addition to providing a first class service, we strive to keep our prices low for our customers. We always keep abreast of our competitor's fees and adjust ours accordingly so we remain competitive, affordable and value-for-money. At Pest-Tec we don't just deal with one-off issues but we also fulfil contracts with customers who require long-term work. This includes preventing pest problems from occurring in the first place to dealing with repeat infestations.
Also known as: Pest Tec Environment Ltd,
Primary location: Sutton United Kingdom
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