A SAIANI - History of Changes

2018-03-10 delete person Jay Woo Kim
2018-03-10 insert person Xiaoxia Huang
2017-12-04 delete person Marselle Marmo
2017-12-04 update person_description Jacek Wychowaniec => Jacek Wychowaniec
2017-12-04 update person_description Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy => Mohamed El-Sawy
2017-07-05 insert person Marselle Marmo
2017-04-29 insert person Cosimo Ligorio
2017-04-29 insert person Helen Clough
2017-04-29 insert person Jay Woo Kim
2017-04-29 insert person Natalie Parsons
2016-12-03 update person_description Chris Hickling => Chris Hickling
2016-12-03 update person_description Dr. Luis Castillo-Díaz => Luis Castillo-Diaz
2016-06-21 delete person Chis Hickling
2016-06-21 insert person Chris Hickling
2016-06-21 update person_description Dr. Luis Castillo-Díaz => Dr. Luis Castillo-Díaz
2016-06-21 update person_description Haneen Naji => Haneen Naji
2015-12-02 delete person Dr. Patrick King
2015-12-02 insert person Dr. Luis Castillo-Díaz
2015-12-02 insert person Haneen Naji
2015-12-02 update person_description Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy => Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy
2015-12-02 update person_description Pietro Locatelli => Pietro Locatelli
2015-12-02 update person_description Prof. Aline Miller => Prof. Aline F. Miller
2015-12-02 update person_title Prof. Aline F. Miller: Member of the Group => Member of the Group; Professor of Biomolecular Engineering in the School
2015-02-25 update person_description Chinemelum Nedolisa => Chinemelum Nedolisa
2015-02-25 update person_description Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy => Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy
2015-02-25 update person_description Jonathan Gibbons => Jonathan Gibbons
2015-02-25 update person_description Nabilah Ruslan => Nabilah Ruslan
2015-01-15 insert person Beenish Siddique
2014-08-15 insert person Eva Adamidou
2014-05-11 delete index_pages_linkeddomain teknoscienze.com
2014-05-11 insert person Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy
2014-05-11 insert person Illida Mohd Nawi
2014-05-11 insert person Muayad Albozahid
2014-05-11 update person_description David Roberts => David Roberts
2014-01-21 delete person Dr. Claire Pickford
2014-01-21 insert person Dr. Andrew Smith
2014-01-21 insert person Dr. Patrick King
2014-01-21 insert person Dr. Vicki Workman
2014-01-21 insert person Jacek Wychowaniec
2014-01-21 update person_description Dr. Alberto Saiani => Dr. Alberto Saiani
2014-01-21 update person_description Jie Gao => Jie Gao
2013-09-01 update person_description Dr. Alberto Saiani => Dr. Alberto Saiani
2013-09-01 update person_description Dr. Jean-Baptiste Guilbaud => Jean-Baptiste Guilbaud
2013-01-31 delete person Dr. Claire Tang
2013-01-31 insert person Rechitt Benckiser
2013-01-31 insert person Stephen Boothroyd
2013-01-31 update person_description David Adams
2012-10-25 delete person Stephen Boothroyd
2012-10-25 insert person Dr. Claire Pickford