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Fennell Road Pinchbeck Spalding Lincolnshire PE11 3RP
At Pinchbeck we have a Behaviour Policy which lays down very clearly for each class the behaviour which is expected. If, however, the expectation of behaviour is not realised, then there are very clear sanctions... Pinchbeck East School is a safe environment for children. Through assemblies and lessons, children are helped to understand what is and is not acceptable behaviour towards them. They are also taught about staying safe from harm and how to speak up if they have worries or concerns. Through our day to day contact with pupils, and direct work with families, school staff have a crucial role to play in noticing indicators of possible abuse or neglect and in referring concerns to the appropriate agency. We will report anything we feel is a concern to Social Services and we would rather be considered to have over reacted than not to have responded to an incident... Not only do these events raise money, but they are also great fun and are enjoyed by the children, parents and..
Also known as: Pinchbeck East
Primary location: Spalding United Kingdom
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