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Unit 115, 155 Minories London, EC3N 1AD
It will come as no surprise to you to learn that these days Proactive runs a paperless office! We went totally paperless on 1 Jan 2008, and in 2010 I wrote a book about it (now sadly out of date, and out of print). We're looking forward to 1 Jan 2014 when (following the 6 year rule) we can pull out the last of our paper archives and introduce them to the shredder!... When we adopted the name Proactive, we wanted a name which encompassed sound, pragmatic accountancy work along with a bit of business coaching for a few, select clients. Being proactive is all pervasive, and once you get the hang of being effective, efficient, consistent and persistent, it will change your life. Both your business life and your personal life! Sometimes I take on speaking engagements, and I have spoken at dozens of events, Chambers of Commerce and also on Radio 4... Proactive looks after small business owners spanning London and the South East. We are strictly a business to business service and our team..
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