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Our only long running film series is now James Bond. The most recent film is hailed by many as the best. Harry Potter gave up in 2012. It now has its own section in Orlando! Both of these British institutions had huge success. Imagine what they would become if there were actors in these films that everyone could relate to. If Hermione Granger was not in Harry Potter how many boys would have backed out long ago. I have spoken to women in the past who were frustrated at James Bond going with so many women. Nobody bats an eyelid because it IS James Bond and it has never been any different and we would not want that to change. The women figures do not attract men to watch because they have already been taken by James Bond. There are no child figures for children or teenagers to relate to. Imagine a film with a main cast covering all ages, races and genders. Where the main man and woman never quite hit it off but are so close on occasions. Imagine a film where theres real explosions with..
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