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Wilford Road, Ruddington, Nottingham NG11 6BN
Ruddington Dental Practice is a family orientated, mainly private dental practice. We believe that prevention in dentistry is much better for our patients than trying to repair the ravages of dental disease. This is why we will spend time with you discussing your diet and tooth cleaning techniques as well as encouraging regular attendance at a time interval tailored to your needs. If we correct the cause, then long term your need for actual reparative treatment will be less... We are committed to offering high quality dentistry and maintaining the professional standards required by the General Dental Council. We will keep up to date with the latest techniques and materials and our equipment and procedures mean that we can offer a high standard of treatment with no risk of cross infection... We believe that your visit should be a pleasant experience. Our aim is to provide high quality dentistry, extensive preventative advice and good customer service, in a pleasant environment.
Primary location: Nottingham United Kingdom
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