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Christ Church, High Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1SG
We believe that through playing and having fun children are happy to learn a second language. To help motivate children we have created a special time table exclusive to the Tonbridge Russian School... In this difficult time we are offering additional one to one or in a group classes, delivered live online by with easy to use tools. Classes and one to one sessions include: 1. GCSE and A-level classes so pupils will be well prepared for the exams 2021. 2. Classes for younger kids so they can learn reading and writing in Russian. 3. Lessons to anyone who is interested in learning Russia... The Tonbridge Russian School is an out of school program providing education for children of both private and public schools. Children improve their Russian language skills, prepare for GCSE exams and advance beyond school curriculum.
Primary location: Tonbridge United Kingdom
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