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Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4QF
The Rotary Club of Bristol has had a long association with Nepal, involving projects primarily linked to education and clean water supply. A talk by Dr Tim Mitchell, a trustee of The Pahar Trust, and a fellow Rotarian, in 2010, was the catalyst for the ongoing support that we give.In that talk he vividly described conditions in this beautiful but impoverished country and the service that the Ghurkhas have given to the British Army for well over a century. Returning Ghurkha servicemen were the ones to highlight the desperate need for education and health support which was picked up and became The Pahar Trust. We were introduced to members of the Rotary Club of Pokhara in Nepal and from this have developed a continuing number of projects... Our young people locally are also a priority for us. We are fortunate to see and bring out the best in them through a range of competitions and activities - music, writing, technology, public speaking and leadership skills all feature in our work..
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