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Ranmoor Parish Centre, 5 Ranmoor Park Road, Sheffield S10 3GX
The first meeting of the Society was held on the 24th April 1934 at what was the WEA House, Western Bank, Sheffield. This was arranged by Mr Reginald Cox, a Physics Lecturer at Sheffield University. It was attended by fifteen people, four of whom were women. Mr Cox was elected as President, Mr R.W.Baggaley became Secretary, Mr Elliston was Treasurer, along with four other committee members. The subscription was fixed at 2/6d (12.5p) annually and it was decided that the Society would meet once each month except for June, July and August... At the 1983 AGM, the Secretary reported that an average of 45 members had attended the 20 meetings which had been addressed by very interesting speakers on a variety of astronomical subjects. As well at the successful Astro-Mind competition, members had visited the Federation convention at Coventry, the new Sheffield University Observatory at Bole Hill and a friendly quiz meeting with Chesterfield, at Sheffield. Preparations were going ahead for the..
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