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When it feels right, it usually is. The aim is to enable you to be able to see for yourself when mistakes are made. Back to learning why - not just how. Probably every day, every circuit, every driver and every car differs so it's all about you and not just working to a pre-set all purpose programme. However, certain fundamentals apply in finding an understanding of how the vehicle translates the inputs made in achieving the results you desire. How you manage these vital transitions may be covered in some of the following ways. The driver who finds the right solutions will be both faster and safer... We all have our own vision of being a good driver. This is filtered down and interpreted by us with numerous experiences starting from childhood. Some of these may act as obstacles to learning in various ways, some conscious and some not. A good coach must be aware of this and support the learning process appropriately to achieve deep learning and the self evaluation needed for ongoing..
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