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302 Ruislip Road East Greenford, UB6 9BH London, Middlesex
Skinwrap was founded by one of the youngest but best skilled team of people in London with Ralph as a company dorector... Our team is dedicated to what they do and take care of all details. We keep the highest standards as we are passionate about what we do and constantly developing our skills using the best materials onthe market. We always make sure to have our wraps completed quickly and efficiently. Company is based in London with our branch in Milton Keyne s... If we were asked what the most demanding part of our work was, we would have to say that we had to struggle a bit with the grill of the Rolls Royce. Unlike grills installed in other, more typical and less luxurious cars, the one being a part of the vehicle we are talking about incorporates of several dozen parts and small elements that not only have to be removed in a particular order, but also installed in the reverse order step by step. Any mistake or order change could have caused significant problems, but fortunately..
Also known as: SkinWrap Company
Primary location: Greenford United Kingdom
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