SPIRULINA - Key Persons

Allan Hall - CEO

Job Titles:
  • CEO
Allan has found that spirulina helps him recover a lot faster from the many activities he participates in. He finds that spirulina it a great food for on the run, it provides the building blocks for recovery from a physical and busy lifestyle.

Keryn Williams

Job Titles:
  • Company Accountant
Keryn is the company accountant & manages all financial aspects of the business. Banana Spirulina Smoothies are her favourite.

Shane Stockwell

Job Titles:
  • General Manager Evolutionary Health.Org LT D
Shane has been taking 25- 35 grams of Spirulina daily for the last 5 years and is a firm advocate to the benefits of spirulina. After using the product for many years he could not do with out it, as it complements a heavy work and training schedule. He finds it helps him to recover quickly from a heavy training, as well as giving him energy to run a busy company.