Dave Carter

Welcome to UK Representatives. I am Dave Carter the founder and Avon UK's most successful sales leader. I have been number 1 in the UK for over 14 years and Avon is my passion and I aim to help people grow a successful business whether as a Representative or a Sales Leader. My Avon journey started in 2004 after previously being with another MLM company. When I heard that Avon was a Network Marketing Company I immediately knew it was the company for me to join as I knew Avon is a massive household brand with a great reputation worldwide. As my journey with Avon progressed I have grown my team of Representatives and Sales Leaders massively and also built up a long term residual income. I have also been rewarded from Avon with great incentives like holidays and Avon have taken me all over the world, also achieving their drive your dream car programme every year as well as other amazing incentives. All of this just for doing what I love to do; selling Avon and helping other people make more money. Avon UK is a fantastic Multi Level Marketing business and opportunity to become involved with and I am currently looking for new Representatives and Sales Leaders across the whole of the UK to join my Number 1 Award Winning Team. If you are interested in this fantastic work from home opportunity please apply online today or give us a call.