Alex Brook

Job Titles:
  • Representative
Hi everyone! I'm Alex, the music representative this year. I'm a first-year Computer Science student with a huge passion for playing and listening to music. I will be controlling the JCRC Spotify account and will be a point of Liaison with Vanbrugh Rocks with the aim to promote Vanbrugh's past and present musicians. If you or someone you know has music they want promoted, feel free to message me at

Camille Orwin

Daniel Wright

Danielle Turner

Effie Millar

Hi! I'm Effie and I'm the new college Treasurer for this year. I'm a second year Music student and I'm responsible for managing the JCRC's budge, as well as fundraising for our college charity SASH and designing college merch. Feel free to contact me with anything at

Eric Milner Court

Hi all! My name is Daniel Wright, and I am one of the Representatives for the Eric Milner Court. My main goal throughout this term is to help better the communications on issues that students are having between themselves and the committee, however another focus of mine will be issues with the building itself, so please come forward to me with anything, nothing is too much of an issue. To contact me, my email is Hey! My name's Camille and I'm one of the Representatives for Eric Milner White Court. I'm a first-year music student and my aim is to act as a bridge between students with the block and the university/committee for problems or needs that arise. Feel free to contact me with any issues at any time at

Gabe Newton-Wild

Job Titles:
  • Head of Events
Hello! I'm Gabe, and I'm the new Head of Events for the college committee. I'm a second year Music and Sound Recording student who loves writing, making and performing all kinds of music, especially to entertain you lovely lot. I'm here to make sure your experience at the uni is as fun and enjoyable as possible through college events. If you have any queries, contact me at

Georgia Rayner

Job Titles:
  • Your Chair

Hannah Pook

Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm one of the new wellbeing reps for Vanbrugh this year! I'm a second-year Natural Sciences student looking forward to helping build a positive and supportive environment for all students whist building awareness of mental health support. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want a chat at

Hannah Rogers

Lex Hoffmann

Hi! I'm Lex and I'm the new LGBTQ+ wellbeing officer for this year. I'm a first-year Politics and English student and my role is to bring the community together and work towards a safe and inclusive environment. I look forward to planning events for you lovely people and create a truly safe space and support system inside the college for everyone. Feel free to contact me at

Lorna Matthew

Matt Rayson

Hi, I'm Matt. I work very closely with football. I'm a big fan of college sport and feel it's one of the best ways to get involved in the college, make friends and socialise throughout the year. I'll be here to help you with any issues you have or any info you may need. My emails are always open, so don't be afraid to ask me for help -

Max Bedford

Hi! I'm Max, the new JCRC Head of Communications. I'm a first year Politics student and responsible for relaying information and creating a dialogue with Vanbrugh students. I look forward to helping create a more transparent JCRC, which enhances the University experience for all of its members. Feel free to contact me at mtpb503@york.

Max Cotton

Mhairi Winfield

Hi! I'm Mhairi and the Secretary for Vanbrugh this year. I am a second year History student and I would like to increase transparency between the students and the committee this year, including more information about the elections in November. Feel free to message me with anything at mamw502@york.

Peter Hopwood

Hello! I'm Peter and I'm the new Head of Wellbeing for Vanbrugh College this year. I'm a first year Politics and International Relations student and my role is about building a more supportive and inclusive environment for students as well as working on improving awareness on issues like mental health support. Please feel free to contact me at pdch500@york.

Sophia Razak

Hi everyone! I'm Sophia, the Block Rep for Donald Barron & Barbara Scott. I'm a first-year psychology student, living in Block D. My role is to make sure all of you in these blocks get the information you need and to pass on your feedback & comments to the JCRC. I'm also involved in arranging events so we can all have opportunities to get to know more people! Feel free to email me with questions, feedback or suggestions: saer500@york.

Will Johnson

What's up everyone, I'm Will, and I'll be a Merch and Sponsorship Rep this year. I'm a first-year Natural Sciences student, and with my position, I'll be designing merchandise like jumpers and diaries as well as coordinating sponsorships for our college activities. If you have any ideas for merch or any queries in general, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Yael Abo-Abo

Hi, my name is Yael and I'm your Head of Sport for this year. I'm a 3rd year psychology student and usually you would see me zooming around on a netball court. This year I'm planning to increase student engagement through sports, and continue the work I previously did as sports rep. Any questions please contact me: ymaa501@york.