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Woody Bay House, 9 Fishers, St. Lawrence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 1UU
Having a background in Photographic Science, Photo Retail and Camera Repairs plus a keen interest in landscape photography has drawn me to Infra Red Photography, however the outrageous prices being charged to convert digital SLR's and Mirrorless cameras to either Full Spectrum or Pure Infra Red led me to investigate how to convert my own camera. I started with a Sony Nex 5 because it can accept almost any lens ever made via the use of lens adaptors plus I have been using Sony A7, A7II and most recently A7rII as my main cameras for a year or two... Basically to convert a digital camera to Full Spectrum involves removing the UV/IR Cut Filter [ Hot Mirror ] that covers the CMOS sensor, this allows all wavelengths of light to hit the sensor. However with no filtration the image will be very soft as no lens can focus UV, Visible and Infra Red light to the same point, but by simply adding a blocking filter to the front of the lens in use will allow photos to be taken in whatever type of..
Primary location: Ventnor United Kingdom
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