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Morton Lane Crossflatts Bingley BD16 2EP
We also view it as our responsibility to play a significant role in shaping core values within our children. We view these as fundamental building blocks to ensure our children develop as people as well as life-long learners. It is vital they are equipped emotionally, morally and academically to contribute positively to our wider community and society at large... We are here to ensure that each and every one of the children who arrive through our doors leave as the greatest version of themselves that they can possibly be. If I were to sum up my vision into one sentence as the Headteacher of Crossflatts it would be ‘Come as you are and leave at your best.'... We are proud to be a cornerstone of our local community and we greatly value the successful partnerships we share between our families, community and Crossflatts Primary School and recognise these as integral to the happiness and success of our pupils.
Also known as: Crossflatts Primary School
Primary location: Bingley United Kingdom
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