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Genetic Medicine, 6th Floor, St Mary's Hospital Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL
NGRL Manchester works in the field of bioinformatics and health informatics, at the interface of genetic and genomic healthcare and research, to support the translation of new technology and data into improved healthcare. This small group is embedded within Genetic Medicine at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and provides an environment where scientists and engineers, including bioinformaticians, health informaticians and computer scientists, can translate new technology and data into essential tools, services, support and training to underpin patient safety, laboratory efficiency and delivery of healthcare services. NGRL Manchester's outputs are used by diagnostic genetics laboratories around the world... The National Genetics Reference Laboratories in Manchester and Wessex are funded by the Department of Health to develop genetic laboratory science in the NHS and to act as a dedicated resource to support molecular and cytogenetic diagnostic communities.
Also known as: National Genetic Reference Laboratories, National Genetics Reference Laboratories, National Genetics Reference Laboratory, NGRL Manchester
Primary location: Manchester United Kingdom
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