Christina Hinks

After 20 years successfully advising in London, Christina joined the firm in 2006 in order to ‘calm down' and spend more time with her family. However, this has not always been the case! Christina has successfully integrated within the firm bringing her innovative and forward-thinking approach to the firm, not only in her capacity as Compliance Manager but also in her role as financial adviser, Investment Researcher for our Centralised Investment Process and the firm's accredited Pension Specialist. Christina has a wealth of experience from an Insurance Company and Advisory background as well as having worked closely with professional introducers which have all attributed to her success and breadth of knowledge.


Job Titles:
  • Company Secretary
Since leaving University, Darren joined the firm in 1996 following in his father's footsteps, who has since retired from the business. Darren has been providing financial advice since 1997 helping corporate and personal clients achieve their goals through careful planning. In order to help assess progress towards achieving their objectives an annual review is an integral part of the service provided. The annual review is a time to alter investments within portfolios and discuss around future needs and wishes. Over the years, this success has led to many clients referring their friends and family to Darren which is testament to the trust and confidence that Darren has developed and his success as a Director of the firm.

Iain Bowie-Pudduck

Iain joined Rainbourne in 2018 to improve his ‘all-round' financial services knowledge as a Report Writer/Trainee Paraplanner. Iain has successfully worked for larger organisations with a background predominately in Pensions for over 20 years and is well on the way to becoming qualified, equivalent to adviser status with several examinations under his belt. Iain is a very helpful and valuable addition to our team as he strives to improve his knowledge which he thinks is tantamount to clients receiving, and continuing to receive professional, all-round good advice.

Jo Lynch

Jo joined Rainbourne in 2017 and has over 30 years experience in Financial Services, both from an Insurance Company background as well as an Independent Financial advisory firm. Jo has a selection of professional qualifications under her belt and this knowledge and experience has led her to become a valuable member of the senior administration team. Jo particularly likes working for a smaller organisation as she enjoys the administration side of the job, as well as developing close professional and friendly relationships, not only with the team here, but also with clients.

Louise Brown

Job Titles:
  • Member to Our Team
Louise is the newest member to our team and has been recruited for her professionalism and experience having worked for both an Insurance Provider and for an Independent Financial adviser over a number of years. Louise's knowledge, as well as her drive and enthusiasm to provide a first class service for our clients is a welcomed addition to our client support team.

Nadine Hamel

Nadine has been with Rainbourne since 2008 as a Life & Pensions Administrator, however, since the birth of her Son has reduced her hours and role to a part-time as administrator/receptionist for the firm. Nadine has been working in the IFA sector since leaving school having spent many years working closely with one of Kent's leading IFAs who sadly is no longer with us. Nadine continues to assist the advisers and administrators in their day to day roles and brings her all round knowledge to the firm. Nadine is an enthusiastic and helpful member within our team having received a number of testimonials from our clients who have acknowledged her willingness and helpfulness to provide the level of service that they expect.


Job Titles:

Stewart Turner

Job Titles:
  • Director
Stewart has been a Director of the firm since 1986. With over 35 years experience in the industry encompassing both an Insurance Company background as well as within the Independent Financial Advice sector, this wealth of knowledge has been an effective force in helping develop the business into what it is today. Stewart's expanse of knowledge and his approach to financial planning has engaged clients who see him as an integral part of their strategy in reaching their goals. He takes pride in his work and strives to develop relationships and trust which he sees as fundamental in the advice process.