FOXTONS - History of Changes

2021-03-30 update person_title Tara Nicklin: Senior Office Co - Ordinator => Senior Roaming Office Co - Ordinator
2021-02-19 insert person Tara Nicklin
2021-02-19 update person_title Stephanie Shinozawa: Divisional Manger => Head of Office Co - Ordinators
2020-09-15 delete coo Darleen Davies
2020-09-15 delete person Darleen Davies
2019-05-25 update person_description Clodagh Blain => Clodagh Blain
2018-03-30 delete cfo GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY
2018-03-30 delete otherexecutives GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY
2018-03-30 delete person GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY
2018-03-30 insert person JAMES VINCENT MCDONALD
2018-03-30 insert secretary JAMES VINCENT MCDONALD
2018-03-30 update number_of_registered_officers 5 => 4
2018-03-30 update person_usual_residence_country MARK IAN JAMES BERRY: ENGLAND => UNITED KINGDOM
2018-03-22 update person_title Charlotte Griffiths: Tenancy Team Leader => Lettings Support Leader
2018-02-09 delete person Ben Sparrow
2018-02-09 delete person James Murdock
2018-02-09 insert person Thomas Carroll
2017-11-06 delete person KARL DALY
2017-11-06 delete secretary KARL DALY
2017-11-06 insert cfo MARK IAN JAMES BERRY
2017-11-06 insert coo PATRICK LANIGAN FRANCO
2017-11-06 insert otherexecutives MARK IAN JAMES BERRY
2017-11-06 insert otherexecutives PATRICK LANIGAN FRANCO
2017-11-06 insert person MARK IAN JAMES BERRY
2017-11-06 insert person PATRICK LANIGAN FRANCO
2017-11-06 update number_of_registered_officers 3 => 5
2016-08-13 delete person Himani Bailey
2016-08-13 insert person Laura Jull
2016-03-17 delete person Craig Brant
2016-03-17 delete person Daniel Green
2016-03-17 delete person Emlyn Akoto-Dwemoh
2016-03-17 delete person Sally Cresswell
2016-03-17 delete person Thomas Carroll
2016-03-17 delete person Warren McCann
2016-03-17 update person_title Tania Smith: Lettings Manager => Trainer
2015-12-27 delete coo NICHOLAS JOHN BUDDEN
2015-12-27 insert ceo NICHOLAS JOHN BUDDEN
2015-12-27 insert cfo GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY
2015-12-27 update person_title GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY: ACCOUNTANT; Director => CFO; Director
2015-12-27 update person_title NICHOLAS JOHN BUDDEN: COO; Director => CEO; Director
2015-11-25 delete person Christian Dickson
2015-11-25 delete person Dominic Butler
2015-11-25 delete person Grant Walker
2015-11-25 delete person Joe Ellis
2015-11-25 delete person Shaun Bailey
2015-11-25 insert person Craig Brant
2015-11-25 insert person Emlyn Akoto-Dwemoh
2015-11-25 insert person Sally Cresswell
2015-11-25 insert person Thomas Carroll
2015-11-25 insert person Warren McCann
2015-11-25 update person_description Daniel Green => Daniel Green
2015-09-25 insert person Himani Bailey
2015-08-27 delete person Daniel Puddick
2015-08-27 delete person Emma Pask
2015-08-27 insert person Joe Ellis
2015-08-27 insert person Shaun Bailey
2015-08-18 delete person Himani Bailey
2015-07-24 delete person Joe Ellis
2015-07-24 delete person Shaun Bailey
2015-07-24 insert person Daniel Puddick
2015-07-24 insert person Emma Pask
2015-07-16 insert person Christian Dickson
2015-07-16 insert person Dominic Butler
2015-07-16 insert person Grant Walker
2015-07-16 insert person Joe Ellis
2015-07-16 insert person Shaun Bailey
2015-07-16 update person_description Daniel Green => Daniel Green
2015-06-13 insert person Himani Bailey
2015-06-13 insert person James Murdock
2015-06-13 insert person Matthew Livingstone
2015-06-13 insert person Ryan Ninnis
2015-05-28 delete person Natasha Harrison
2015-05-22 delete person Immanuel Teferi
2015-03-15 delete otherexecutives Alison Comiskey
2015-03-15 delete person Alison Comiskey
2015-03-15 delete person Louis Harding
2015-03-15 delete person Rachel Spoor
2015-03-15 delete person Thomas Hill
2015-03-15 delete person Will Pitt
2015-03-15 insert person Alex Isidro
2015-03-15 insert person Alexandra Green
2015-03-15 insert person Ashraf Zaman
2015-03-15 insert person Ben Sparrow
2015-03-15 insert person Charlotte Griffiths
2015-03-15 insert person Felicity Shaw
2015-03-15 insert person Immanuel Teferi
2015-03-15 insert person Khadra Abdullahi
2015-03-15 insert person Natasha Harrison
2015-03-15 update person_title Stephanie Shinozawa: Office Co - Ordinator => Divisional Office Co - Ordinator
2014-10-09 delete person Matthew Finch
2014-10-09 update person_description Hadley Wood => Hadley Wood
2014-10-09 update person_title Darleen Davies: Department Head, Move Consultants => Divisional Manager, Move Consultants
2014-08-27 delete person Josh Tenenblat
2014-08-27 delete person Kate O'Neill
2014-08-27 delete person Rachel Kinnish
2014-08-27 delete person Tania Gordon
2014-08-27 insert person Rachel Spoor
2014-08-27 insert person Tania Smith
2014-08-27 update person_title Adrian Moody: Lettings Manager from Foxtons Barnet Is Our Expert in This Area => Lettings Manager
2014-08-27 update person_title Andrew Milsom: Sales Manager from Foxtons Barnet Is Our Expert in This Area => Sales Manager
2014-08-27 update person_title Chris Campbell: Lettings Manager from Foxtons Balham Is Our Expert in This Area => Lettings Manager
2014-08-27 update person_title James Redington: Sales Manager from Foxtons Balham Is Our Expert in This Area => Sales Manager
2014-08-27 update person_title Mandy Kwan: New Business Team Leader => New Business Senior Team Leader
2014-08-07 delete otherexecutives MICHAEL ROSS BROWN
2014-08-07 delete person MICHAEL ROSS BROWN
2014-08-07 insert otherexecutives GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY
2014-08-07 insert person GERARD REINHOLD NIESLONY
2014-02-09 delete person Darleen Dolores
2014-02-09 insert person Darleen Davies
2013-11-06 delete person Cate Dodkin
2013-11-06 delete person Mandy Yau
2013-11-06 delete person Sadia Latif
2013-11-06 insert person Clodagh Blain
2013-11-06 insert person Mandy Kwan
2013-10-15 delete person Charlotte Hammond
2013-10-15 insert person Adrian Moody
2013-10-15 insert person Andrew Milsom
2013-10-15 insert person Chris Campbell
2013-10-15 insert person James Redington
2013-10-15 insert person Sadia Latif
2013-10-15 insert person Tulse Hill
2013-10-15 update person_description Miriame Oussellam => Miriame Oussellam
2013-10-15 update person_description Will Pitt => Will Pitt
2013-10-15 update person_title Darleen Dolores: Department Head => Department Head, Move Consultants
2013-10-15 update person_title Rachel Kinnish: Manager => Manager; Office Co - Ordinator
2013-10-15 update person_title Thomas Hill: Key Account Manager => Key Account Manager, Corporate Services
2013-06-04 delete coo Louis Harding
2013-06-04 insert otherexecutives Alison Comiskey
2013-06-04 update person_title Alison Comiskey: Lettings Valuer / Associate Director => Associate Director; Lettings Manager
2013-06-04 update person_title Louis Harding: Sales Manager; Operations Director => Director North Division
2013-04-06 update person_title Matthew Finch
2012-11-21 delete person Adam O'Leary
2012-11-21 delete person Anoushka Stevenson
2012-11-21 delete person James Redington
2012-11-21 insert person Charlotte Hammond
2012-11-21 insert person Clodagh Blain
2012-11-21 insert person Josh Tenenblat
2012-11-21 insert person Louis Harding
2012-11-21 insert person Miriame Oussellam
2012-11-21 insert person Sonia Gill