Skill Smart is a practical skill learning and training platform for students to learn at their own pace!... India has an unparalleled advantage of a large young workforce. Our mission is to unlock its tremendous potential by equipping our youth and workers with the necessary skills that a modern emerging economy demands. We are proud to be a part of the skill building revolution sweeping the country... Skill-Smart is our state-of-the-art skill learning and training platform that enables learners and trainees to select and learn a skill at their own pace and convenience, 24/7, on smartphones, tablet or a computer. Our learning courses follow approved syllabus and are industry oriented to help the learners gain employment or be self employed. The existing workers can refresh or upgrade their skills to earn certification. Industry trainers can use our platform to run their own specialized training courses for their trainees.Our skill learning solution is highly scalable, and combines..
Also known as: Dezaview Skill Smart Education
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