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Stanton Bridge Primary School Oliver Street Coventry West Midlands CV6 5TY
Stanton Bridge is living proof that barriers can and will be overcome; that all things are possible when the right ethic is applied consciously and effectively. Hence, we are relentless in the pursuit of developing a forward thinking school that collaborates and intrinsically connects with both the community and other academic organisations for the benefit of all... Our common aim is to inspire excellence across, within and beyond the school so that individual goals are met and unique potential realised. In doing so, Stanton Bridge aims to become a role model school, a flagship school, and one that adopts a profoundly positive attitude by demonstrating high expectation and belief in achievement. As such, we envision an organisation that excels at generating success across boundaries, which ultimately will lead to a wider impact on society... With such a view, the team at Stanton Bridge have searched widely and deeply within our own personal feelings of what education in our school..
Primary location: Coventry United Kingdom
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