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1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112, Sacramento, CA 95834
Warner Bros. Studios is one of the most memorable motion picture and television production facilities in the world. We offer many services to the community - From finding a job to renting a stage on the historic Warner Bros. lot... Warner Bros. Studio Operations (WBSO) is committed to creating positive change within our Burbank community by reaching out in the local area yearly though our Community Builders program. Our division partners with Warner Bros. Public Affairs to select local non-profits and schools to provide improvements and enhancements to their respective facilities... The mission of Warner Bros. Studio Operations is to provide each of our clients with exceptional service and unsurpassed production facilities; to embrace new technologies and anticipate changing production needs; and to provide a friendly, attractive environment which brings together the best creative talent. Our success is based on a spirit of teamwork among people who value each other, the work they..
Also known as: Warner Bros, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Primary location: Sacramento United States
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