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Bruce M. Margolin is a criminal defense attorney well known for his ability to successfully defend people charged with all criminal offenses. His firm, The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, began in 1967. Initially, Bruce Margolin dedicated a substantial part of a his practice to helping individuals fight marijuana charges, which were quite serious at the time; even for minor offenses. He has been a leader in the legalization of marijuana and continues to be the Los Angeles director of the largest and most well known organization to reform mariajuana laws, N.O.R.M.L. Mr. Margolin and his associates are also helping good people to stay out of trouble; individuals who want open very sucessful new businesses by obtaining Cannabis Business Licenses for dispensaries, cultivation, delivery, etc.. under the new marijuana legalization laws per Prop 64. Over the last 50 years since 1967, Margolin's practice continues to be one of the most highly effective and successful defense firms offering a comprehensive list of criminal defense services. Bruce has daily court room expirence since he began his practice. Mr. Margolin has been awarded Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year & Criminal Defense Super Lawyer for consecutive years. Bruce has served as Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and has been awarded the Certificate of Appreciation by the A.C.L.U. as well. He has defended and represented such notables as Christian Brando, members of Guns N' Roses, Timothy Leary PHD, Linda Lovelace, famed Attorney Tony Serra, and numerous others. Bruce Margolin ESQ. has successfully defended almost every type of criminal case, including all types of drug charges, DUI/DWI, murder, robbery, domestic violence, violent and serious strike crimes, fraud, hit and run, evading, sex crimes, theft offenses and internet crimes, etc. "Experience, preparation, investigation and dedication are the ways that I continue to sucessfully defend my clients" - Bruce Margolin Stay Connected: Bruce M. Margolin has over 40 years experience in defending the rights of his clients. He equally passionate at working to reform laws he believes to be unjust. To that end, Mr. Margolin is also the Director of the Los Angeles chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and has been so for over 30 years. In his career, Mr. Margolin has successfully defended thousands of clients, including such notables such notables as Christian Brando, members of Guns N' Roses, Timothy, Linda Lovelace, famed Attorney Tony Serra, and Dr. Timothy Leary, as well as numerous others in all types of criminal cases from marijuana to murder. Mr. Margolin was the 1999 recipient of the Century City Bar Association's Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year and has served as the co-chairman of the ethics committee for the NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers). In addition, he also served as an advisor and helped author the California Prop 215 Medical Marijuana Initiative. Bruce Margolin has been working to reform marijuana laws since the beginning of his career when he saw firsthand that decent, law abiding people were being locked up with real criminals for doing something quite harmless. Mr. Margolin does not promote the use of marijuana, but he is a very strong advocate for the end of prohibitive drug laws. Education Southwestern University Law School, Los Angeles, CA J.D. - 1966 Languages English (Primary)