AIKAGROUP - Key Persons

Ari Kalmari

Job Titles:
  • Director
  • Consultant With an ICT
Mr Kalmari is an experienced consultant with an ICT background both from industry and academia. Understanding the technology and possibilities it brings, he is specialising in fostering innovation, new business and competitiveness through technology based solutions.

Mr Cecil Haverkamp

Job Titles:
  • Senior Consultant
  • Management and Innovation Specialist
Mr Cecil Haverkamp is a management and innovation specialist with a background in public policy and international development. He has worked at both global and country level with governments, international organizations and leading universities in the US, South-East Asia and southern Africa. In his work, Cecil is particularly interested in the power of professional networks and communities of practice as drivers for innovation and change from within organizations where conventional top-down or outside approaches have failed or proven short-lived. At Aika he is developing innovation coaching and partnership models that are tailored to organizational and contextual circumstances in the region to ensure broader and more sustainable impact especially on protracted problems in complex and dynamic systems, independent of sectors or technical fields. These include challenges related to economic transformation and diversification, resource dependencies and labor migration. Cecil is the co-founder of a number of initiatives and platforms based on these ideas, and constantly experiments with new tools and approaches. Mr Haverkamp's core expertise lies in public sector innovation, specifically in managing and mobilizing processes for reform projects and their effective implementation at the interface of public, non-profit and business sectors. He has worked with governments in high, middle and low income countries, international organizations and universities in the US, Asia and southern Africa.

Nick Brealey

Job Titles:
  • Senior Consultant
Mr Brealey has 15 years experience in marketing and SME development in the UK and in Developing Economies. Core areas of focus are; Organisational Development, Change Management, Strategic and Marketing Planning. Mr Brealey has a BA from the University of Bristol and an Executive MBA from The Cranfield School of Management.

Peter Fladerer

Job Titles:
  • Director, Energy & Environment
Peter has extensive experience on energy and environment planning implementation and delivery projects in industrial applications as well as energy saving projects in real estate and housing. He is a specialist in industrial moisture removal and drying applications as well.

Teppo Kettula - CEO

Job Titles:
  • CEO
Mr. Kettula (M.Sc. Engineering, MBA, MICB) has specialized in corporate planning, regional and national development program issues. He has over 15 years of experience and public private partnership (PPP) projects from the corporate world, as well as from the management of industrial projects.

Totti Salko

Job Titles:
  • Senior Advisor
Mr. Salko brings to Aikagroup vast experience on consulting and training of SMEs and public organisations. His specialist fields are project management, business incubators, business development, education, industrial policy and strategies.